2024 Blog Refresh

March 30, 2024 (2mo ago)

5 min read

I updated my blog this weekend and wanted to share some thoughts along the way:


Actually my old blog was pretty fast, but I wanted to make sure that the new one was even faster. First, I deleted all the files and started from scratch. Then I made sure all dependencies were up to date.

Some components were created but not used, in the new blog I've carefully created components and used them. This way I've reduced the size of the project.

Markdown Rendering

I've been using contentlayer to render markdown files. It's a great tool for rendering markdown files. I've created a script that fetches all markdown files and renders them. But eventually they shared a new issue about State of the Contentlayer. They had no sustainable financial backing support and had to shut down.

After that I decided to look up how to do it manually how can I do it. I started looking for rendering examples on render markdown itself and found a great example on Lee Robinson's blog render markdown. He created a file to convert markdown content to html using with next-mdx-remote. I used his example and created a file to render markdown content.

It feels good because after years I don't have to think about whether the project I used in my blog is outdated or not.

Outdated dependencies

Web is changing so fast. I haven't updated for a few months and I've seen that there are a lot of outdated dependencies. I've tried to update all dependencies and get a lot of errors. --legacy-peer-deps is fixed my problem for a short time. I was moved my project pages and app router and back then a lot of project was broken. They updated their dependencies so quickly to support app router.

I didn't have time to fix all of them all. I've decided to delete all of them all and start from scratch. I've created a new project and moved all of my blogs to the new project.

The dependency problem was not just outdated dependencies. My website is really my playground. I've tried a lot of things on my website. So there are a lot of unused dependencies. I deleted them all and started adding them one by one.


I've learned a lot along the way. New years new things. If you have any feedback please let me know. I'm always open to feedback.